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Biographies contain very useful information and clues in your genealogical search. Sometimes, just a name and a place of birth can open up a world of information on your ancestor. The Minnesota and Wisconsin Biography Projects are really taking off, thanks to some wondferful volunteers: Barbara Timm, an extremely knowledgable genealogist and wonderful person, hosts several web sites. She is the County Coordinator for the USGenWeb Project for Aitken County, Minnesota. In addition, Barbara has had personal web sites of Historical Sketches and Biographies for Winona and Wabasha Counties in Minnesota on-line for some time, and most recently volunteered to be the coordinator for the Minnesota Biography Project, taking on Aitken, Wabasha and WInona Counties. Please be sure to visit her sites at: and the USGenWeb, Aitken County. Pat Casey hosts the St. Croix County, Wisconsin Biography web site at:, another wonderful site for information on your St. Croix ancestors; Claudia Schuman hosts the Hennepin County, Minnesota Biography site at: In addition to Goodhue County, Minnesota, I host two counties in Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Biography Project. Please visit them at: and And remember, if you have ancestors in any of these counties, we want to hear from you. Please submit your biographies, so that all researchers may share in the information.

Submitting a biography to the Minnesota Biographies Project is very simple.

First, everyone should review the Submission Guidelines

Next, prepare the biography.
The preferred method is to create a text file.  HTML documents, make a good second choice, and simply typing the biography as an e-mail is the least desirable of the three.  Ultimately, it will be up to the individual County Coordinator to decide how they want their biographies prepared.  Text and HTML documents can both be posted directly to county pages, but HTML requires much more work to archive and index.

Last, submit your biography by sending it as e-mail or an e-mail attachment to the County Coordinator, in this case,  The e-mail address of each County Coordinator is listed on the county's Biographies Home Page or on the County Selection List (e-mail address on first page of this site).. If there is no county coordinator for the county for which you are submitting a biography, you may send the biography to the state coordinator, Tina Hursh (e-mail address on first page).

Please be aware that by submitting a biography to the Minnesota Biographies Project you have given permission for representatives of the Minnesota Biographies project to examine this file for the purpose of extracting the names of individuals for indexing purposes.  Biographies may also be edited to append the name and e-mail address of the submitter.